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Novum Medical is developing novel biomaterials used to design innovative orthopedic implants.

A major

in Orthopedic

Novum Medical developed Vitrium® as a new class of orthobiomaterials that is replaced by the patient’s own bone and with broad application in musculoskeletal surgery. Vitrium differentiates itself from existing biologics and biomaterials by enabling the surgeon to reconstruct bony anatomy without the clinical compromises inherent in currently available materials and technologies.

Vitrium is constructed exclusively of a novel material which is porous, load-bearing, osteoconductive and bioactive. Its mechanical and biologic performance have been validated through extensive pre-clinical testing. It is currently in clinical use in reconstructive surgery as a bone graft substitute and has been used extensively in foot and ankle surgery. It is undergoing an FDA approved clinical trial as a cervical interbody device to aid in the fusion of the cervical spine. Vitrium received FDA 510(k) clearance in 2014 and CE mark in 2020 as a bone graft substitute in a range of implant shapes for use in non-load bearing applications. The implants may be trimmed to fit intra-operatively and may also be drilled and tapped for screw insertion.

Vitrium is the first biomaterial with sufficient strength to be used in spine procedures while stimulating the complete substitution of the implant with the patient’s own remodeled bone.

Other novel materials are currently under development. The goal of all Novum Medical proprietary biomaterials is to provide an optimal biologic interface across a broad range of orthopedic applications. These development efforts are internal or in partnership with leading biomaterials companies.

biomimetic ACTION

Humans replace a significant amount of their bone tissue every year through a continuous process of regeneration. Vitrium stimulates this same natural biologic process producing new bone tissue.

strong then GONE

Vitrium is strong enough to be used in load bearing applications such as spinal fusion, while maintaining sufficient strength, it is replaced with new bone.

proven SAFE

Vitrium is composed of a unique bioacitve material with decades of research supported by a long history of safe clinical use.

Only Vitrium offers all three major benefits, it is unique amongst materials as it is bioactive, resorbable, load bearing, and offers consistent supply and manufacturability.

Vitirum’s mechanism of action stimulates the body’s natural regeneration process, substituting the Vitrium implant material with healthy new bone.

Vitrium’s Mechanism of Action

Vitrium’s mode of action responds when bodily fluids interact with the porous material. Blood (as shown in this video) is quickly absorbed into Vitrium.

Vitrium’s Wicking Action